About Elisa Ellis, the Stylish Curvy Girl behind Closet Confidence

I am a jeans and t-shirt gal at heart and I am the stylish curvy girl behind Closet Confidence.  I have always been a curvy gal and likely always will be. I am a mom, a wife and entrepreneur. 

When I was little, my mom would dress me in fancy clothes that didn’t fit my personality and I was uncomfortable. Over the years I found my own style and realized that you can look good and feel good in clothes that fit you and your personality. You can often take what you have and turn it into something new by adding bling, an accessory, or pairing it with something different. 

If you have key essential pieces getting ready can be easy! As a busy mom of two boys this made life soooo much easier! .

I love empowering and showing busy women like YOU how to mix & match what’s already in your closet, how to add key pieces, and accessorize so you look good and feel good when you walk out the door!

Over 7 years ago I went to a Stella & Dot party and fell in love with the bling & accessories. I joined for the discount. I had a full time job, two boys, a hubby, and a busy life. Fast forward 2 years and I met some stylists who were making money by selling S&D and thought to myself “I am a smart gal. I can do that!” So, I did. I loved styling women and helping them turn every day outfits into something more with a necklace, a scarf, or a cute pair of earrings but I only had so many hours in the day.

Five years ago we moved to a new city and knew no one. I could no longer do my corporate job and it was then I decided to become an entrepreneur full time and make my side hustle my main hustle. I went from styling women with S&D jewels part-time to styling women and helping them go through their closets full time.

Want to save time?  Would you love to find new outfits using what’s already in your closet? Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Let’s chat!

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