Closet Confidence Services

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What if you could wake up tomorrow, open your closet, and LOVE everything?
What if you could look good & feel good when you walked out the door every day?

Working with a consultant can actually SAVE you time & money!
I will show you how to mix and match what you have and create new options with accessories.

Do you have a few things in your closet that you have never worn? Items that still have the tags on them? I would love to show you how to work with what you have and how a few key changes in your wardrobe and adding accessories can change your look!

Outfit Coordination

Feel like you’re wearing the same things over and over? I will help you asses what you have, show you new ways to style outfits, and show you how you can use accessories to make your outfits look like new. 

Sometimes you can take what you have and style it in new ways. Then getting dressed is suddenly quick & easy.  Get more looks from the same clothes with an Outfit Coordination session.

We can also asses which pieces, if any, need to be tailored and see what your wardrobe is missing.  We will take pictures of the styled looks for you to reference later (session lasts approx. 1 -2 hours).


Closet Edit

Do you stare at a full closet every morning and yet feel like you have nothing to wear? Our closet edit can help you make the most of what you have. I will help you put together looks you will love and it will make getting dressed quick & easy.

A closet edit is for anyone who is looking to find some space, is looking for new ways to wear outfits or needs a refresh.

We edit what’s in your closet (in person or via zoom) and I help you get rid of items that don’t fit, you don’t wear, and/or should not be wearing. We then work on putting together new outfits with items you already own and take pictures of the styled looks for you to reference later. After the session a curated wish-list can be sent to you with links to shop everything you need to complete your wardrobe. (session lasts 3-4 hours approx.)  Additional hours, as needed, on an hourly basis.

Personal Shopping

Would you love to feel great in your clothes? Look great in your clothes? Would you love to freshen up your wardrobe? Not sure where to find clothes that will fit & flatter your body type? I can help! 

Let’s set up a time for a consult and a personal shopping appointment. After a consult we will asses your wardrobe needs & desires (in person or via zoom). We can shop in person (40 mile radius) or based on your budget and style I will shop for you (on-line).  When in person, you will be able to try on the clothes and see the complete looks. 

Hourly rate based on needs.

Style Makeover

Starting a new career? Starting over? Has your body changed? Maybe it’s been awhile since you have changed up your style. No matter your size, shape or circumstances, a Closet Confidence Style Makeover will make you feel like a new woman, ready to conquer the world.

We will go through your closet (in person or via zoom) and asses what is working and what is not. We get rid of items you no longer need and asses what is needed. Based on your budget and style I will shop for you or we will go together. You will be able to try on clothes, try different styles, and see the complete looks. If needed, we will coordinate with what you own. I will take pictures of the styled looks for you to reference later.

Minimum 5 hours. Additional hours, as needed, on an hourly rate.

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