This past week the weather started to change ever so slightly in Southern California and it made me stop and asses what I have in my closet. I wanted to see how I could repurpose pieces from summer into the fall and possibly winter seasons.

Yes, you can repurpose pieces and wear them from one season to another! In fact, when shopping with clients I encourage them to find pieces they can wear in more than one season and with at least 3 other items in their closet. If you’re spending money on clothes you want to be sure they are working for you for more than a few months.

When you look for and find pieces that you can mix and match with what you have it can make it so much easier to get dressed. To repurpose summer wardrobe pieces into fall… 

Think about the pieces you wore all summer:

  • Printed top
  • Shell or Taken

To repurpose pieces through fall pair them with:

Now think about fall colors:

  • Camel/Creme
  • Rust
  • Pumpkin
  • Dark browns
  • Hunter green
  • Black

Don’t have a printed top? Find a top that has some of the fall colors I mentioned above or find a top that is complimentary to the colors above and mix and match with what you have.

Check out below how I repurposed a yellow top, that I wore all summer, with jeans, skirts, and shorts and then paired it with a corduroy skirt and boots. This is just one way I will re-wear this top throughout the fall season.

If you would like help finding which of your summer pieces you can repurpose and take from one season to the next reach out via email or book a complimentary style strategy session here.

Elisa Ellis Repurpose Summer for Fall Closet Confidence
Elisa Ellis Repurpose Summer for Fall Closet Confidence-2

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